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The Process

1. Aligning Needs & Expectations

After the initial contact, we discuss needs and expectations in more detail. This includes:

  • Race,
  • Country of origin,
  • Whether it should be pregnant / open heifers or lactating cows
  • Age
  • State of pregnancy
  • Production levels / records

2. Terms & Conditions

After the needs and expectations are aligned, the terms and conditions will be aligned, including:

  • Price
  • Delivery date
  • Special needs


3. Selection and Procurement

After the terms and conditions have been agreed upon the selection and procurement process starts.

Anton will search, select and buy the dairy cows as agreed upon. After the procurement process is finalized the process towards shipping starts including:

  • Doing the demanded and required tests, also depending on the destination country
  • Performing the necessary vaccinations

After the test results are in and passed, the final delivery schedule will be communicated. The delivery schedule depends among other things on the route, the allowed travel time of the animals and the allowed travel time of the driver.

4. Health Checks & Pre-Transport Procedures

Before going on transport, all animals will be brought together in an export stable. Once all the animals the animals will undergo a final check on any possible injuiries, defects or pregnancies by a certified vetinarian before going on transport. All animals have to be in a good condition to travel.

  • When all animals have been checked and made ready for transport, the state veterinarian checks the truck on hygiene, height, and space requirements (depending on the nr. of animals)
  • We always work with the same trusted partners that can ensure high quality transport including, water supply, ventilation, good bedding and food supply during transport.
  • Naturally all trucks are desinfected and cleaned before transport

5. Transport & Delivery

After all the checks regarding the health certificates, driving plan and animals passports have been passed, the animals can go on transport.

During the transport the driver regularly check up on the animals, including the food supply and conditions.

One day before arrival the client is informed about the expected time of arrival to ensure a smooth and pleasant delivery!